28 Days Later 2002 Dual Audio HD 720P BluRay

At the Cambridge Primate Research Center, a raid by activists in favor of animal rights accesses a scientific research laboratory, with the intention of freeing a group of chimpanzees that are being used in various secret experiments. Moved by their fanaticism, the activists decide to release the animals, disregarding the warnings that, at the last minute, one of the frightened scientists responsible for the project sends them, warning them that the primates are infected with an artificial mutant virus that causes a nervous illness. manifesting in the form of aggressiveness and violence.

One of the activists submits to the scientist, who insists on explaining the consequences of the virus, but free one of the chimpanzees, which attacks the activist woman, the other activist takes it away, but it’s too late, the activist becomes infected with a type of disease of a variant of the rabies virus . The activist becomes primitive and violent, and attacks and infects the other two activists and the scientist. Given the ease of infection of the virus (it is enough contact with blood or saliva from an infected) and short incubation period (20 to 30 seconds) the epidemic soon spreads, transforming almost the entire population into violent and primitive beings.

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