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Jeepers Creepers (titled The Demon: Road to Terror in Spanish America ) is a film of Suspense , Mystery and Terror released in 2001 ; Directed and written by Victor Salva starring Gina Philips , Justin Long , Jonathan Breck and Patricia Belcher . The film tells the story of two brothers who, during their journey through the fictional county of Poho in Florida , begin to be harassed by a mysterious driver until they discover their demonic and diabolical identity.

The film received positive reviews that cataloged it like one of the best films of terror of 2001 and was a success in box office in the United States, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela. The title of the film comes from the song “Jeepers Creepers” written by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer , for the musical comedy Going Places (1938), which even had an Oscar nomination for best song. The version that sounds in the film is played by Paul Whiteman and his Swing Wings, in the voices of The Four Modernaires.

The success of the film was accepted as a new era for the films of Monsters and Salva was praised for relying on visual terror and suspense unlike many films of the time, later two sequels were released: Jeepers Creepers 2 of 2003 and Jeepers Creepers 3 of 2017 , a Comic , literary adaptations and official merchandise.

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