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Two years after returning to the professional MMA circuit, Case Walker emerges again, tired of that world, starting to compete in amateur matches in order to teach his opponents how to best use their fighting skills. At the end of one of these meetings, held in Beaumont, Texas, Case meets his old friend and fighter MMA Brody James, who asks Case to help him prepare for the clash with Cesar Braga for the PFC champion title in Bankok in Thailand. Case, reluctantly, is convinced by his friend and goes with him to Thailand.

At the Top Fight Gym, however, Case is opposed by coach Matty Ramos, a technician from both Brody and the younger and arrogant Cobra O’Connor, who never misses a chance to ridicule Case’s “old school” training, to challenge him openly in a training match. At the end of the sparring, Cobra will be sent to the hospital after being knocked out by the “old” Case, arousing Broly’s hilarity. The skill and skill of demonstrable lead Case to become the mentor of the young Taj and Creech fighters and to draw upon itself the attention of both the Marketing Director of the PFC, Myca Cruz, and of Hugo Vega, boss of the PFC, a man linked to past of the same Case.

Myca’s interest in the wrestler leads her to invite him to an appointment in which Case participates until the girl makes him uncomfortable by asking him questions about his time spent in prison, forcing the man to finish dinner. However, this event is noticed by Matty, who decides to use it to his advantage to put Brody against Case. When the two clash in a training sparring match, the tones rise and bring Case to respond to his friend’s blows unexpectedly even for him, seeming to end their long friendship. Meanwhile, Brody is persuaded by Vega to use steroids to improve his preparation ahead of the clash with Braga, on whose outcome the boss intends to gain from it. But Brody’s actions are discovered by Case, who, after a post workout dinner, he manages to make peace with his friend and put him back on the path of sporting honesty. Brody intervenes directly with Matty to allow Case to work in synergy with the technician to better prepare for the meeting with the giant Braga. However, the amateur shootings of when Case, in America, faced and knocked out two racist policemen, arrive in Vega who begins to think that, perhaps, the worthy adversary for Braga may not be Brody.

This leads Vega to pay a Sabo fighter, Boris, to intentionally injure Brody’s knee, in order to allow Vega to propose to Case replace him, offering him a million dollars. When, preparing for the match, Case will be accused by his disciple Taj of being a sold, the suspicions of the former champion become more acute, finding then confirmation of the plot of Vega when in Boris’s locker he will find a message with the writing “Done “. Case so he understands that he was framed and decides that if he has to fight, then he will do it to expose both Braga and Vega, the latter intent on swelling his pockets by clandestine bets on the outcome of the meeting, and show who was the real advocate of Brody’s injury.

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