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Lucas warns Mike via government radio that government agents are on the way. Mike, Dustin and Eleven escape, but their pursuers follow. Eleven, using his power, pulls a van into the middle of the road, thus stopping the agents. Lucas reconciles with Mike and Eleven. Joyce and Hopper go to the police for Jonathan’s case. Jonathan and Nancy tell Joyce and Hopper about the monster. The team meets Mike and his friends. Eleven is asked to find Will and Barb, but his previous actions have weakened him too much. To boost the Eleven’s strength, they break into school and build a tank-like structure. Eleven finds Barb’s body, which has a snail-like creature crawling out of his mouth. With the help of Joyce, Eleven Upside Down also finds the lurking Will in life. Hopper and Joyce break into the Hawkins Laboratory, but they are intercepted by security guards. Nancy and Jonathan decide they still want to kill the monster. Upside down, the monster breaks into Will’s hiding place.

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