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The herd of monsters takes over the lab, killing many. Mike convinces Joyce to sedate Will, preventing the creatures from knowing their location. Mike, Will, Joyce, Hopper, Bob, and Owens are trapped in the lab security room, and when the power fails, Bob volunteers to change circuit breakers so they can open the doors to escape. Owens stays in the lab to guide the group through security cameras. Bob is killed by the monsters while the others escape. They regroup with Nancy, Jonathan, Steve, Dustin, Lucas and Max, who came to the lab. The group realizes that the shadow monster controls the flock and that by killing it, their influence wears off. They tie Will up and redecorate the place so the monster doesn’t know where they are. Joyce and Mike manage to get Will to communicate with them in Morse code, the message being “close gate”. Suddenly the phone rings, and the monster discovers their location. They form a barricade as the flock of monsters approaches.

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