Vikings S01E08 Dual Audio 720P BluRay

As Lagertha is unable to conceive another son, Ragnar takes his family and followers to the temple in Uppsala to attend a grand rite for Aesir and Vanir. He promises allegiance to King Horik, who accused Ragnar of an embassy to Jarl Borg, a rival who invades the lands of Horik. Siggy convinces Rollo by not paying attention to his own advance and sleeping with other women. The priests question Athelstan’s attention, now with the Norse, on his faith. Athelstan denies Christ three times. They discern that, despite his claims, he did not renounce Christianity, and declared him unable to be sacrificed to the gods. Leif, the follower of Ragnar, volunteers at the house of Athelstan for this one honor and is sacrificed by King Horik at the climax of the rite along with eight other men and several animals.

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